Our Company

2014: First Steps

In 2014 we decided to take the first steps towards making a long-time dream of ours come true. We have always worked with children, among other things teaching, coaching, organizing clubs and recreational activities and working in daycare, but we also had a certain vision in mind. Parents of small children can be stressed and overworked trying to manage their careers, while taking care of the home and their children. A birthday is a big event for any child big or small, which can make the pressure unbearable for parents trying to organize one. There are invitations to be sent, a house to be cleaned, decorations to be made, food, all the party activities and of course the babysitting of half a neighborhood on the day of the event, not to mention cleaning the mess afterwards when you’ve already been working long to make the event possible.


Our goal is to make your child’s birthday not only easy for you as the parents, but also memorable for your child. It is their special day after all! All of our personnel has training and many years of experience working with children. We have combined this expertise with an energetic and positive attitude and strong organizational skills to deliver exactly the package you need, everytime!


Company owner and head of finance:

Heini Ihalainen, Ma of Arts, Ba in economics

040 3527151


Marketing, HR-management, bookings and event organization:

Milla Ihalainen, Ba of Arts

040 8281312

Party instructors:

Sofie Kankaanpää, Siiri Kankaanniemi, Jenny Svartström, Emilia Muhonen,

Julia Svartström, Ruut Kankaanniemi, Janna Sundström, Sara Mäkinen