Tired of stressing over party planning, cleaning, decorating and worrying about the activities, not to mention the supervising at your children’s birthday parties? Let us help you!

Our themed birthday parties are suitable for children from a young age to teenagers.

Our party package includes all activities and necessary materials, and even a final clean-up after the party, so you won’t be left with a mess on your hands. You can choose a theme that suits your purposes from the links at the bottom of the page or contact us with your ideas.

Address: Kuurintorpankuja 5, 02750 Espoo

Phone number: 040 137 3103



Princess ball   Animal kingdom

 Lots of buzz     Fairy fantasies

Wild Western    Speed crazy

   Pirates             A life of luxury

During the planning meeting with us we can give you more information about our themes and extra services. We can discuss activities and plan details of what your party will include.

Be sure to check our calendar for available times that suit the schedule for your event or contact us with further questions by phone (040 137 3103) or e-mail ( Once you make a reservation for a planning meeting, we can give you more information about the planning and prices. Prices vary according to the services provided.